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Achille Abboud

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Professional Skills I work in television since 1994, having started as an active pupil for the youth magazine “Out O Focus” in the Communication Center of the Bet-Rutenberg Institute in Haifa. This was a production made by highschool students from different schools in Haifa, which was regularly broadcasted in the local Public Channel. We broadcasted more than two hundred episodes having used the facilities and video equipment of the Rutenberg Institute.

Between 1997-2000 I studied in the Tel-Hai College in northern Israel and graduated as Practical Engineer for Film & TV.

In Germany I made a lot of different internships to learn even more about the professional way of working on the film sets and postproductions.

In 2004 I actively worked in compositing for different DVD productions such as for Canon, Sharp and Loewe at a production company in Bonn.

Since 2005 I work as a director for the Arabic, English & Spanish and German news in the DW (Deutsche Welle) in Berlin.


Work Experience Films & productions:

Camera work for the DW
Reponsible for the Live trasmission of reporters from abroud such as Greece and Croatia
as well as being cameraman for divers repots on field

Dir.: Annekatrin Hendel, Cine.: Frank Griebe - It Works! / RBB / HR - Germany 2014

The Squonk
Dir.: Mike Bothe & Jannis Funk - HFF - Germany 2014

Syrian Children Refugees
Research, Directing, Production & Postproduction: Achille Abboud - Deutsche Welle - Germany 2013

Little Thirteen
Dir.: Christian Klandt - HFF / ZDF/ X Film - Germany 2012

Vergiss Dein Ende
Dir.: Andreas Kannengießer - HFF / Anna Wendt Filmproduction - Germany 2011

Various advertisements for Buena Media Ltd.
Haifa / Israel 2010

Palermo Shooting
Dir.: Wim Wenders - Germany 2009

Bundeskanzler Honecker
Dir.: Christian Klandt – HFF - Germany 2009

Dir.: Christian Klandt – HFF - Germany 2009

Dir.: Andreas Piper – HFF- Germany 2010

Shortcut to Hollywood
Dir.: Marcus Mittermeier & Jan Henrik Stahlberg - Germany 2009

Planet Carlos
Dir.: Andreas Kannengießer HFF - Germany 2008

Schausteins letzter Film
Dir.: Christian Klandt – HFF - Germany 2008

Canon XL2
Presentation DVD Canon Deutschland – 2004

Ein Zwilling ist nicht genug
Dir.: Brigitte Müller Sat1, Germany 2004

Metallic Blues
Dir.:Danny Verete Israel / Canada / Germany 2004

Temporary Identity
Dir.: Achille Abboud – Tel-Hai- Israel 2000

Bad Tomatoes
Dir.: Achille Abboud – Tel-Hai- Israel 1998

At Grandma (Ind el Teta)
Dir.: Achille Abboud - Israel 1996

Editing My work in the postproduction focuses on compositing and real looking visual effects (real vfx), such as film scratch removal, adding smoke, dust or even glass shiver to a scene.

Having shot a scene with a television in it, it is often not clear which legal rights the director has to show a certain material. Burn-in is a method to replace the running pictures on a screen to newly controlled sequences.

Perfection is a must in this case, because on a cinema screen you will see even the smallest change and irregularity.

The difficulty in real vfx is following the camera movement, cutting the foreground from the background, rotroscoping and fitting the noise of the “clean” vfx on the original.

Of course, compositing can be also a purely graphical element as well, such as presentation, DVD-menu, graphical element in the background of an event or even On-Air Design.


Editing Photographing, retouching the photograph and refining it.

I shoot my pictures with analogue 6x6 camera and digital. Usually, I let the colours of the analogue talk for itself and let the black and white express their own story.

With digital cameras, I am able to immediately start working with the material and integrate in in my compositing. I usually use high quality photos for my compositing projects and animate it for more dynamic animation. I also restore old pictures, freeing them from scratches, dust and water stains.

Both formates have their beauty and reasons to work with.

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